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life has been great lately
i have a lot i should be thankful for.
but in the midst of getting my act together
the people in my life that i care about have
kinda shunned me or something of that sort.
(besides bug and garrett of course)
it's like my family, lost any love, respect
or DECENCY for me..
i've been incredibally stressed for the past 2 weeks.
i can hardly hold my own head up. sincerely
its crazy how tense i am.

it's the famous empty hole we humans try to feel
some women just have to have a baby to make them feel of worth
some men , a trophy wife and a great bread winning job
i'm 16. what do i want? i dont know. we all want to feel worthy
and lately i guess i feel like i'm not worthy of anyone's time
love or care. i think people have their minds made up about me,
i wish i could show people that i'm not some mean smart ass kid
it's crazy and it's stupid. i'm a great kid. not to be cocky
but i'm a nice person. i'll grow up to be a law abiding citizen
who recycles, votes, and drives her kids to piano lessons.
i know i'm a good person. i think most of my friends would agree
i guess it doesnt matter what you think about yourself
unless the people you love think that about you too.

+ by the way, i had a lovely valentines day with garrett.
besides how his food got switched with the morrell
family and he ate aaron morrell's sister food.
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